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One of the reasons I get so upset when women with healthy pregnancies complain or try to make themselves go into labor early. Some of use never got the chance to carry a baby to term.

Ugh, those heart-stopping and panic inducing alarms haunt me still, 9 months later! I was so grateful to hold her the first time without all the wires and tubes attached.

Jax just barely passed the micro stage. (although his dr.s and nurses still considered him micro bc his lungs were only devloped to around 24-25 weeks with my water having been broken since 19 weeks) He was born right at 27 weeks. 3lb exact at birth, then dropped to 2lb,6oz at 3 days old. 78 days in the nicu, 9 1/2 months on oxygen and now almost 1 year old. My little giant miracle!!

For parents, the time a baby spends in the NICU is an emotional rollercoaster but, even in the most tenuous situations, many parents use methods like websites and personal journals to memorialize the experience. Now, parents can record special moments in a lovely book that will store treasured memories for a lifetime.

Preemie photography... LOVE!

We got these stickers (and accompanying calendar) when our son was in the NICU. Great stickers and motivation to put together a scrapbook, regardless of your baby's difficult beginning. Preemie Stickers.

LOVE IT!!Preemie Baby Hats! NICU, UW NICU, micro preemie, Christmas, Crochet, christmas, Creative giving, crafts, preemie @Jana Kimmel