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    Somehow i guess I thought if I loved you enough and if I was good enough and if I was good enough to you that you would love me back and I could finally get what I want at least once but I couldn't even do that and after all my efforts you still don't want or can't seem to love me like I love you.

    ♥ true

    This is for a particular someone who came into my life then did an about-face and walked right back out. Thank God my guard was up, you didn't hurt me, you will NEVER hurt, because you CAN'T hurt me. Only people who truly love me can hurt me. That counts you out. No matter how you spin your lies... We will always know the truth

    Not always easy, but everything (good or bad) lead you to be the person you were meant to be... I'm a better person for all that I have been through, even the heart aches and happiness! :)

    I will not be any man's half-time...and I held that attitude when I was single. By waiting for the right man in the right time I found the love of my life and it proves the saying that "anything worth having is worth waiting for."

    how i feel sometimes

    "I don't know if I am like this girl, but I am afraid of falling so hard in love-because then I am more vulnerable than I ever have been-because then my whole world can be crushed by one simple decision, because I am afraid to loose the one thing that makes me more happy than anything else."

    the truth

    I hold in a lot, when I'm upset, I really don't like to tell anyone

    She's the girl I know.

    so true


    Wow. How true!

    so true

    I want the Pastor to read this during the ceremony

    might as well be pushing me away if you're not going to fight to keep me.