Color combinations

color tapped - color ideas for downstairs bath

house colours?


Door tones: lovely range of blues, plus cream, plus... grayish-violet? These colors are marvelous on that door!

house colors. yes.

#0e5361, #382423, #649aa3, #c5d4d9, #e8c9a9 (top 2 btm)


Shades of aqua


crashing tones

Master Bedroom Colors Another color scheme that would work for the bedroom. 1 - walls; 2 - main color in curtains and comforter; 3 - furniture & hardwood floor; 4 - secondary color for fabric, accents; 5 - sheets & accents

horizon hues

Seeds Design | Color Palette | Lavender

wish tones

emerging tones

House exterior color

Absolutely love

kitchen color palette - grey and green!