Jill Brletic
• 3 years ago

{Take-home Treats} Kids will have fun layering colored Skittles or M's in recycled plastic bottles to make a yummy favor.

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Did it, boys loved them, so so easy!

Cute party favor for a spa party, tween girl's birthday party or bridal shower or bridesmaids luncheon.

oooooh, I'm picturing these with red, white and blue chocolate with sprinkles. :)

Healthy Watermelon Cake!! What an awesome idea! AWW ! I am going to try this so I am sure it will be a hit at the reunion if we have one !

iPhone 5c cake... my daughter loved it! I made it for her birthday, when we gave her real iPhone as a gift :)

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How do you want to play it? Let the kids throw things into the buckets... (Spiders, bats, bones etc. get them at the dollar store) then add up the numbers on the buckets that he actually got something in. The one with the highest numbers wins the game?

I made 3 sets, as I plan to use them relay team style. Each student on the team will toss a tennis ball into the marked buckets. At the end of each round teams will total their point value using white boards. This would also be a great summer party game too.

Guess What? This is another relay game. Divide the group evenly. Have the first person from each team run across the room to a paper sack (each team has a sack.) In the bag are a bunch of different foods wrapped in tin foil. Each person has to take a food article and eat it - no matter what it is! Then run back to their team and let the next person go. First team to guess every food correctly wins! Some food ideas: corn, peaches, tomatos, or pears.

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Just shapes cut in a tarp

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Did this for a kiddo sleepover & it was a HIT!! Freeze different Kool Aid flavors in ice cube trays, place in glass and pour in Sprite! Tastes yummy too!

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Rhinestones glued onto plastic forks, so adorable for a little girl party, or a big girl party! Love this idea!!

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