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People say Disney princesses are always damsels in distress having to be saved. Ever notice how all the men in Beauty in the Beast are often the ones in danger? Belle saves her father and Beast. And Gaston only makes things harder

Beauty and the Beast (1991) #waltdisney

“Wendy is the embodiment of every Disney fan out there, and represents what we all eventually go through. We can spend our childhoods dreaming of adventures filled with pirates and fairies, but at the end of the day we come to realize something very important. Life is an adventure. Growing up is an adventure worth going through. We may escape through books and movies and our imaginations, but life’s adventure is only going to be what you make of it, and that means you have to live it."


delightful disney - she is my Evangeline

"Persephone interferes" THIS IS FANTASTIC

Disney Twirl (Beauty and the Beast)

Princess and the Frog was the most beautifully animated movie since Beauty and the Beast. Sorry Tangled, your lanterns were pretty, but computer animation can never live up to good old fashioned ink and paint.

I'm dying

Belle & Adam

Cogsworth wants you to rethink your life choices. | 11 Disney Characters In Real Life Situations

He's especially good at expectorating

Cause no Disney board is complete with out a zillion pictures of these two dweebs making out ♥

On understanding life cannot always be wonderful: | 16 Walt Disney Quotes To Help Guide You Through Life

Julie Andrews performs on Main Street in the Magic Kingdom during the Grand Opening of Walt Disney World (1971). Julie Andrews was and is the original Disney Queen

Frozen had the better score, Tangled had the better story. Ok?

Pocket Princesses 126: I am Baymax {by Amy Mebberson} I haven't even seen the movie yet but I all ready wanna cuddle Baymax


This is amazing! The thing people always seem to forget about Walt Disney is that he was an animator first and foremost.

Peter and Wendy

But they really does upset me more than I can say. Disney is for everyone, ages 1 month-100+ years. That was Walt's vision, he wanted to create something that kids and adults could enjoy together.

Too cute!