Frankaroni loaf

Sandwich Salad Loaf. Having guests over for lunch? Dazzle them with this.

Tuna macaroni cheese loaf from Chicken Of The Sea

Olive loaf?

ham and celery loaf

Ripe Olive Cabbage Loaf, in color.

Pickle Stuffed Wieners in BBQ Sauce. Well, I guess if you can stuff pickles with wieners, you can stuff wieners with pickles.


Crown o’gold meat loaf recipe (1959). #vintage #food #recipes #1950s #dinner

Hot Dog Hacks! 15 genius ways to eat a hot dog

Spam and Kraft Macaroni and Cheese - 1979

Hot Dog centipede.

Hot dog macaroni aspic. This is like some sort of dismaying fever dream. D:

Hawaiian Meatloaf Sandwich Meatloaf with macaroni salad, gravy, and pineapple on a bun. (via flickr)

Make your mac ‘n cheese four times as awesome with this Four Cheese Macaroni. MAKE SOMETHING AMAZING with KRAFT Natural Cheese.

- the hot dog fairy!

so much hot dog manhandling

Hot Ham & Cheese Party Rolls | kitchenshares