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Nara Dreamland, Abandoned Amusement Park in Japan - 30 beautiful abandoned places around the world. Definitely need to visit these places.

Fascinado pela sensação de desolamento de ambientes abandonados, o designer italiano Francesco Mugnai compilou uma série de fotografias em sua tutela curatorial com o intuito de registrar parques de diversões completamente abandonados ao redor do mundo, são parques em degradação… Continue Reading →

Parques de diversões abandonados por Francesco Mugnai

abandoned amusement park japan

Another amazing shoot location Abandoned amusement park in Fukushima Prefecture of Japan, worst area hit by the earthquake and nuclear diaster. I love pictures taken at abandoned locations

This was either Six Flags Geauga Lake (Ohio) or Six Flags Astroland (Texas). Either way, both long gone.

20 Haunting Images of Abandoned Amusement Parks

Nara Dreamland abandoned theme park in Japan. Nothing is as beautiful in a (very) creepy way as an abandoned theme park.

Closed!- abandoned Chernobyl amusement park

Chernobyl Amusement park in Pripyat, Ukraine was scheduled to open on May 1986 but the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant took place on April 26 that year only 5 days before the grand opening, causing the residents of the city to be evacuated.