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    In the Collaborative Comparison Poems lesson, students collaborate to write team poems. Each team poem is created around an extended metaphor of their choice. Complete directions included. Great end-of-the-year activity! FREE! Work on Writing center for Daily 5?

  • I love Lucy!

    FREE Tpt - Collaborative Classroom Poems - step by step directions for a collaborative poetry lesson from Laura Candler.

  • Alicia West

    Fun poetry

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25 Types of Poetry- great list!! I might use this as a literacy task challenge. Give the list to students and have them choose a format to write a poem to review science/social studies content.

Poetry Portfolio Printable Assignments: Need to create a poetry portfolio of student work? These 13 assignments include major types of creative poetry writing, such as the Haiku, Free verse, Found poetry, List poems, Cinquains, Autobio poems, ABAB rhymed poetry, 5W poetry, Tanka, Diamante, Eight-line poetry, Limerick and Acrostics. Each ready-to-print worksheet includes the definitions, the how-to's and an example of each poem, and leaves room on each page for student work. Grades 6-12. $

Here is a fun way to combine math with creative writing as your students add the numbers on a pair of dice to determine the number of syllables for...

This is a great resource for teaching poetry. It includes 25 different types of poetry. This meet standard 2.W.5 Production and Distriubution 5. with guidance and support from adults and peers on a topic and strengthen writing as needed by revising and editing. Although this is a third grade standard it can be adapted to other grade levels.

FREE Collaborative Comparison Poems from Laura Candler's Teaching Resources on TpT - Students work in teams to write poems as extended metaphors or similes - complete directions and a sample poem included

A bio poem is a simple poem written about a person, and it follows a predictable pattern. You can have students write Bio Poems about themselves, but later you can have them write about famous historical figures or book characters. This lesson includes directions, a graphic organizer, a template, an example bio poem.

poetry lesson. I think I have a professor that would love this! "Juciy" words AND hot cocoa!

Cooperative Learning Buddy Test Prep activity from Laura Candler - Complete step-by-step directions for an engaging test prep review lesson!

Set of 24 task cards for working with poems. Plus, a template of blank cards for you to create your own tasks. See my blog for sets of poetry pag...

Newspaper/Photocopy of text + Black marker = Instant poetry Have some fun with your kids with this Blackout Poetry plan. Let your creative side take control and be dazzled by the results. Come take a look at this free step-by-step instructional lesson. Guaranteed to get even the most-reluctant student to give poetry a try. FREE!

Have fun writing poetry with grades 4 to 7 with this ‘Write a Cinquain’ (a five –line poem) activity. Everything you need is included (including a rough draft and info sheet for students), and it is print-and-go ready! And it’s free. By Once Upon a Lesson. #poetry #writepoetry #cinquain

FREE Lesson & Craftivity! In this lesson students will review different parts of speech, develop an understanding of personification, work collaboratively to write a poem, create a draft of their spring poem, revise and improve their writing, and then create a spring kite with their poem. It's the perfect combination of rigor and hands-on learning. This lesson is intended to be a celebration of spring, poetry, and learning!