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BioLite CampStove // Forget the fuel. Charge your gadgets. Support a better world.

I must have this campstove/ phone charger. Biolite Portable Grill uses no propane, just twigs from the campsite. Convert heat to electricity to charge your device while cooking a sweet outdoor meal. PLEASE SANTA!!

BioLite BaseCamp Stove. BioLite BaseCamp Stove With the flip of a switch, this wood-fired campstove can go from grilling to boiling and features a 5V USB port to charge your devices while you cook plus this powerpack also has a battery for a quick charge whenever you need it, fire or not.

It's a Rocket Stove that also generates electricity! Not only is this brilliant but it takes home preparedness to a new level. BioLite HomeStove Overview - BioLite Stove

PC Magazine's "Equipment for High-Tech Camping" features the BioLite CampStove: "BioLite is a tiny cook stove that holds up to 1.6 ounces of wood (twigs you gather), enough to boil 1 liter of water in about four and a half minutes. More important to your connectivity, it uses the heat produced to turn a fan that powers a generator that supplies 20 minutes of charging time to an iPhone 4S."

Converting heat from the fire into usable electricity, these clever stoves will recharge your phones, lights and other gadgets while you cook dinner. Unlike solar, BioLite CampStove is a true on-demand source www.biolitestove....

Stoves | Central Point, OR | WiseWay Pellet Stoves | 541-946-8108 WiseWay Pellet Stoves have taken the concept of a wood stove that operates using a natural draft and incorporated the use of a manufactured fuel designed to give the user a precise measured heat value in the fuel and designed a burner system and stove that has a continuous feed without the need of a mechanical feed system.

Want to go off grid but addicted to your...whatever? BioLight Campstove burns twigs and recharges your gadgets.

BioLite Camp Stove. Power it with twigs and it powers your phone at the same time. About 2lbs. This is going in my bug out backpack.

Your phone could make it easy to type and walk at the same time. | 19 Genius Improvements To Everyday Products

The story about the worlds first personalized mobile phone Our boys had a 'Firefly' which was similar in concept - great for when they need to be able to communicate, and you don't want to worry about anyone else wanting it.

Create your own amplifying phone speaker out of a Pringles can! Click for directions and a demo video.