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    bathroom sign out

    Great way to keep track of where kids that leave the room are!

    Where did you go? Neat idea for keeping track of students.

    Cool Down Cubes - great for students who have difficulty w/anger

    Students don't ask me for pencils anymore. No one leaves the room until all pencils are back on the board. (Photo only, but would be easy to make!)

    Use to let students know when you are not available, during reading/writing conferences, etc.

    I've done a homework club for 7 years and it really works! I love this display idea! Must make this!

    Transportation Display - this will be easier than using a printed form on the wall because as students come and go, Just change out the clothes pins!

    The kind words of a teacher can be short & easy to speak, but their echoes are endless.

    Introduce new lessons with a surprise box! It will get your students interested about what is in the box. Then when you finally reveal the surprise in the box, they will remember the concept/idea that you need them to! Such a cute idea

    Great first day activity.

    Cute! I will use with magnets with kids pictures on them to keep track of who's where!

    Decorate an old chair to create a "share chair" for students to use when sharing writing or other accomplishments

    Easy and adorable No Name board. Clip papers that don't have names on them to the board and have students go check there instead of spending your time trying to figure out who they belong to!

    Fantastic idea! As an end of the year gift I bought my students beach-balls , they collected classmates signatures..we had a "ball"

    Classroom Organization. Number magnets to keep track of kids you allow to leave the room.

    instead of handing back papers all the time. Love this idea!

    Cute student birthday idea Julie Forrest Forrest Forrest Forrest Forrest Forrest Phillips

    Give each student a designated space (accountability). ~ What a great way for students to reflect on the day and share what they've learned with each other.