Sybil and Branson

Carson and little Sybil; sweet moment

Sybil & Branson <3

Baby Sybil

Downton Abbey Tom, Sybil, and their daughter

Sybil and Branson


Branson and Lady Sybil! WE WILL MISS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

Downton Abbey | 3.06

Branson and Sybil.

Tom Branson and little Sibbie

Hiding the truth: A rare moment of fun for Lady Edith (Laura Carmichael) with Tom Branson ...

Lord Grantham with Baby Sybil.

Sybil + Branson: downtown abbey

Sybil & baby downton-abbey season 3

Downton Abbey - Tom Branson and Sybil Crawley

"I'll stay in Downton until you want to run away with me" - possibly the BEST line on all of television.. I love Branson :)

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