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♥The Catalyst A life-change, paradigm-shifting event jolts you awake♥ Alternatively, a series of gentler, minor awakenings occur until you are fully awake and aware. Example Events: Near-death experience Life-threatening illness Depression, break-down Spirit visitation Meeting one’s soulmate Typical Emotions: Disbelief, shock and awe: Having a hard time believing it happened Fear: Not understanding what’s happening. #spiritualawakening #awareness #itsallhappening

this is what i am talking about!! McKenna Duffin!! did you just have a heart attack like i did?

Impresionates fotografías de Yannick Dixon. Murmuration of starlings.

makes me think of Snow White when she was lost in the forest... and I love how the tree branch silhouettes look like lightning

I just want to pour my soul out on someone and not have to worry about the mess I’ve made. Andrea Slicker

By Fiona Sami Trees somehow speak to me. this one sad but hanging in there

I hear you, Rain You are so lovely and soft. I almost didn't notice that you had crept in; I'm so glad you did. Your rhythms soothe and calm me. I am thankful for your sounds, musical, but free from thought. Fall down on me. Fall down On me

Nude - Edward Weston, 1936 Love this pic. Chose to do a college assignment on it once and had to emulated it in a shoot - needless to say I did not come close - but this photo and Weston's style always inspires me.