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Xylaria polymorpha or "Deadman's Fingers" in bloom. It's a fungus that usually grows from rotting or decaying wood.

The Yellow Leucocoprinus Birnbaumii (also known as Lepiota Lutea) ~ By Justabird2

take picture of random mushrooms like this then photoshop the contrast/hue/saturation and replace colours to make them abstract and bright -

Craterellus cornucopioides - Trompette des morts ou Corne d'abondance//black chanterelle, black trumpet, trompette de la mort (French) or trumpet of the dead

Amanita sp. Have never seen one with PINK at the base!

summersnows: sofrickinawesome: magic mushroom* (by .Brenda M.) Good Morning~

The lovely Amanita Muscaria Melody- are these the mushrooms of your mind? Coincidence or Synchronicity? :-)

Nouvel atlas de poche des champignons comestibles et vénéneux. v.1. Paris,Léon Lhome,1911-1912. BioDivLibrary