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Ew. Ethel Granger had the smallest waist of any woman ever, but it was not necessarily by choice. Her husband, astronomer William Arnold Granger, was tired of his wife's shapeless 1920s dresses and requested that wear corsets and more figure-flattering garments. According to Vogue Italia, he thought, "if she can outshine other members of her sex in some way, this is a victory worth any amount of suffering." Granger eventually convinced his wife to wear corsets every day, and even while…

I have always been appalled at what happened to Rosemary Kennedy. Her father Joe Kennedy did not like her 'uncontrollable' behavior (she was likely struggling with depression but was bright and vibrant too) so he secretly authorized a labotomy.It left her paralyzed, unable to function, barely talk and at the thought function of a 2 year old. She was NEVER talked about again EVER by her family. She lived at St.Calletta in WI, unable to do anything for herself until she passed away in 2005 at…


Le meilleur et le pire de la swim week de Miami

do they have a real head version?

Interesting enough, not only is the neck stretched, but the clavicles (bone that arches from the sternum to the shoulder) actually begins to grow up into the rings area.

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La Poligeek

La Poligeek :)

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40 Pictures That Show Just How Much The World Has Changed

You never get to see anyone hunt giant grasshoppers anymore. | 40 Pictures That Show Just How Much The World Has Changed