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  • Lee Mowers

    22 Surprising Uses for Your Dishwasher... What you can and can't put in the dishwasher.

  • Heather DeRosha

    Saw this and thought, is that a pair of flip flops and a hair brush in the dishwasher??? What a great idea!!!

  • Shay Carr

    22 items you can put in a dishwasher & 13 you shouldn't - some of the items in both lists may surprise you! Article & Tips from Real Simple, plus "The Secret Life of your Dishwasher" (tips for getting the most out of your kitchen appliance) & "14 'Who Knew?' Uses for your Microwave"

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Baseball caps can get bent in the washing machine but hold their shape in the dishwasher, especially inside a contraption like the Ball Cap Washer. Don’t wash them with dishes; food can get trapped in the cloth.

Surprising uses for your Dishwasher - some good ideas - wash large batches of potatoes - rinse only cycle

Simple little DIY stamps. I love this design! :) you could even make stamps form the big pink erasers, too!

surprising things to go in the dishwasher, and to NOT go in the dish washer.