restain ugly oak cabinets

How to stain over existing stain with gel stain.

How to Stain OAK Cabinets...the simple method (no sanding necessary)! |via Make It and Love It

The Kim Six Fix: How to Stain Oak Cabinetry (Tutorial). Finally a cure for builder's grade ugly oak cabinets.

This is an awesome blog post about re-doing ugly oak cabinets. Forget the stain and the paint and opt for a glaze. Amazing! It doesn't even look like oak anymore.

Learn to paint your kitchen cabinets without losing your mind! Full tutorial by Designer Trapped in a Lawyer's Body. #paint cabinets for cabinets in basement or at cottage

Update perfectly functional but too traditional cabinets with a darker glaze faux finish. Way cheaper than refacing or replacing!

Staining - The EASY Way with Professional results!

DIY Kitchen Makeover, Staining Kitchen Cabinets. Oak cabinets to rich espresso cabinets.

Absolutely love

HOME IMPROVEMENT: Cabinet Makeover on a BUDGET | Tooele County Real Estate Blog. Who is gonna come help me redo our cabinets? Alex is not thrilled by this project

The best tutorial on how to transform honey oak cabinets to dark espresso cabinets. Easy, detailed steps are included, plus a FAQ. The blogger even answers reader emails if you need help.

Gel Stain Cabinet Makeover Before/After

A super simple and inexpensive tutorial on how to transform honey oak cabinets to dark espresso cabinets. I can't imagine I will never again meet up with honey oak in my life. Curse you, honey oak!

Gel Stain Oak cabinets...this is the color cabinets I want

Old English Scratch Cover: before on the left, after on the right

The best tutorial yet on framing a bathroom mirror. No nails!

This is a fridge, you put your stuff in the gel and it keeps it cool, than you just reach in and take it out. the gel automatically reforms. ALIEN FRIDGE!!!!

Love this in the bathroom

Vegetable Cabinet - creative storage #LGLimitlessDesign #Contest

Painted custom kitchen cabinets