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  • Cynthia Garcia

    Ive been wanting an owl tattoo for years. But have never been able to decide what exactly I wanted, I have now found what i want..epic! "like a sir"

  • Allison Greene

    Burrowing Owl in top hat and monocle!

  • The Violet Vixen

    Owl, with top hat and monocle. Naturally. For more Styling animals check out our board->

  • Julie May

    #sweet little owl in a top hat..

  • traci mcneill

    vintage owl tattoo | Piccsy :: Vintage Owl

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The Great Grey Owl does not have ear tufts and has the largest facial disc of any raptor.

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Normally, I don't use my pins as a sounding board, but in this one instance I have to. In light of the Fish and Wildlife's decision to decimate countless Barred Owls in Washington and Oregon in order to protect the endangered Spotted Owl, I must speak out against this insane plan. The Spotted Owl is endangered, first and foremost, because of the destruction by logging of old growth forests. This has allowed the much stronger and more adaptable Barred Owl to encroach upon the Spotted Owl's territ

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