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I didn't think biting a T-shirt could be sexy until I saw this picture. Thank you for proving me wrong Ryan Gosling.

I probably should stop this now

2012 (age : ryan gosling (aka jacob from crazy.) i have honestly loved this guy from his days on breaker high, but in 2012 it was taken to a whole other level with the hey girl meme.

because sarah and i have no other way to deal with out depression i have resulted to pinning lots of ryan gosling. prepare yourself ladies and gentlemen.

Ryan Gosling in Ryan Gosling at LAX

Photos - Ryan Gosling at LAX - 6 - Celebuzz Wait a minute, did I forget anything on the plane?

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5 dingen die je nog niet wist over Ryan Gosling

Shar Pei Beagle Mix Puppy! Can I keep him?

Shar Pei Beagle Mix Puppies The Ori Pei is one of the most considerably celebrated crossbreeds belonging to the Shar Pei mix.

hahaha...I still don't understand why there are random pictures of Ryan Gossling saying "Hey Girl...(insert random phrase here)" but this one cracks me up

"Ryan Gosling: Hey girl, if they called your name, I'd volunteer as a tribute." Lol the girl behind him looks like she's sniffing Ryan

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I don't knit, but insert, craft.


If you find a man who is willing to spend money on endless balls of fibrous material, wear the sweaters and socks you crochet him, and do so without complaining- you marry that man. Unless you can marry Ryan Gosling. Always marry Ryan Gosling.

- haha

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