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Absolut bus stop

Absolut Vodka is reinforcing their status as a very cool brand by re-designing bus stops in Chicago. The starting point was som of their special products – Absolut Twist, Absolut Bloody and Absolut...

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"Victims are people just like you and me" #bus #humanitarian #ads #advertising // ACAT is an organization working to stop torture.

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Brand: Ikea Type: Outdoor, Transit, Bus Stop It is effective because it entices the passerby to utilize the product as well as informing them about the low prices and other information about IKEA.

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Colle+McVoy made these ovens out of transit shelters, complete with real heaters and working clocks, to showcase Caribou Coffee's new, hot menu items. The campaign also benefits Minnesotans during their frigid winter commutes. Thinkpossitive via My Modern Metropolis.

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