• Elizabeth Rechenbach

    Word Recognition #2 This is a good activity for students to work on their sight words with. The cards have the written word and a picture of the word on it. As students read the word they place the clothespin over the corresponding letter. This allows for three different ways to practice one site word. This could be used in both a center and individual work with a student who may be struggling.

  • Kelsey Parker

    Spelling Pin #1.Spelling Clothes Pin Words. Pinned to be used with younger kids, it's very inexpensive and good for multiple areas. Teacher prepares a bin full of clothespins labeled with letters. Students must match the letter to their sight or spelling word labeled on the card. To work on writing, spelling, and recognition, the students could create the word cards themselves, or the teacher could create them. Also works with fine motor skills.

  • Cynthia Henke

    spelling words w/ clothes pin letters (fine motor and literacy) - my kids are past this, but I bet my friend Veronica would love this idea!

  • Beatriz Quesada Marmolejo

    What a clever idea to help kids learn sight words and to spell!

  • m quinene

    Identifying letters with clothespins for kids to support letter recognition and promote fine motor skills

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