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There are certain people at my husbands job that needs to read this. Ten warning signs you may be in danger of having an emotional affair.

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How to Heal from an Affair

How to Heal from an Affair Affair Healing,Healing Infidelity,Recovering Infidelity,Marriage Infidelity,Affair Recovery,forgiving your spouse after infidelity,Save Marriage,Emotional Affair,Wife Affair.

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How to Regain Control of Your Thoughts, Feelings, & Life After Love Betrayal

Betrayal, Cheating and Infidelity Issues? How to Deal With It…

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Day 24: Lessons from Infidelity

Day 24: Lessons from Infidelity. *Unrealistic expectations will kill your marriage., *Your spouse will fail you., *Forgiveness is key.

12 Warning Signs That It’s Emotional Infidelity – And Not ‘Just Friendship’ | Neuroscience and Relationships

12 Warning Signs That It’s Emotional Infidelity – And Not ‘Just Friendship’ | Neuroscience and Relationships

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This New Memoir Tackles Your Worst Nightmare

Plump's memoir of infidelity is so disturbingly real and disarmingly honest, you won't want to put it down. Read more about REDBOOK's February Book Club pick here:

A little hard to do when you've been living with a man for 18 years & he wakes up one day & decides he will recreate what his marriage is & what you mean to him to justify his affair!! You didn't have to destroy me to make you look good!


He Cheated, She Stayed: One Woman's True Story of Getting Over Infidelity

What would you do if infidelity rocked your marriage? Would you stay? The true story of one woman who stuck it out.

Affair analyzer--from a couple who survived infidelity. Take the analyzer quiz to discover good information. Your results could differ from mine.

Steps in Healing After Infidelity- What You Should Know to Survive an Affair >>> Whether a spouse confessed or caught having an affair, it is a bomb that could leave the other spouse emotionally paralyzed. There are couples who were able to get through and survive after an affair. To repair a troubled relationship, it is important to know the steps in healing after infidelity. #relationship #saveyourmarriage #love #stop divorce

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My Spouse Just Found Out I Cheated - What Should I Do Now?

Trust Rebuilding Roadmap - How to rebuild trust after an affair or betrayal by Dr Kathy Nickerson