I should probably take this to heart and to the pavement! Motivation! As a Christian, our health matters.

Can Eating Certain Foods Help You to Lose Weight

I am pinning this as my muscles ache from yesterday's workout....

OMG!!! So true, and SOOO why I will NEVER let myself get huge again.

So true...

Exercise For An Entire You


Haha so true!

It's true! I wish I could wear running clothes to work.



Who is guilty of this? It is so true though. You should be scheduling your workouts like any other appointment. Plan ahead for a few weeks or a month what you will do each day for a workout. Then post that somewhere visible to keep yourself accountable. You can also tell a friend your plan or a certain coach (wink wink) so they can help you stay on track too. Set yourself up for success!

True True!

Don't let your mind force you to quit if your body can keep going.


Bring it.

good reminder