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    In China this symbol ♀ is a death sentence. Help us take a stand against Female Genocide Here ->

    If we don't care for the orphans, who will? Each shirt sold is an opportunity to care for abandoned babies by helping to provide food & shelter ->

    Imagine not being able to send your child to school....What hope for the future would they have? This top helps support the education of underprivileged kids. Help a child learn ➤

    Look good, do good ►

    I despise writing with chalk, but these chalk pencils might help.

    Buy a shirt that helps feed a child ->


    Help little girls in Nicaragua flee a life of rape, prostitution, and disease ->

    Perfect shirt for a #Beatles fan! "I get by with a little help from my friends." | #Sevenly

    This shirt helps fund the adoptions of kids with deformities, disabilities and diseases from China. Make family a reality for an orphan! Help here ►

    Teen suicide can be stopped. Grab a shirt that helps support recovery for depression & self injury ->

    No child should be abandoned, parentless, and alone in this world to raise themselves. We're asking you to DO SOMETHING about orphans in Asia ►

    Every parent wants to hear the words I LOVE U. Help make it happen for families effected by autism by grabbing a shirt that provides communication therapy to these amazing kids ->

    Look good & do good. Wear #Sevenly and know that your purchase helped change a life... seriously!

    The emotional scars of a burn survivor can be just as life-changing as the physical scars. Help restore the self-image of these brave teens by sending them to a healing retreat! Care HERE ►

    Over 600,000 children in Rwanda have been orphaned due to AIDS. Your purchase this week helps provide shelter, food, & care to these precious kids ->

    1 out of 3 girls have an EATING DISORDER... you probably even know someone. You can help these young girls by picking up one of these cute tees ->

    Buy a shirt today... and give a precious orphan in #Jamaica a chance to live tomorrow. Each shirt sold provides food & 24hr care to an abandoned child. Help here ->

    This shirt helps benefit the environment! Each purchase helps prevent and reduce trash in our oceans to protect sea life and human health. #Sevenly #ProjectAWARE

    This shirt is a personal way for you to help stop illegal dogfighting rings and puppy mills. Pets are family!!! Let's place these innocent animals in loving homes. Join Us HERE ►