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In Nicaragua, 2,000 people live in a 70-acre garbage landfill called La Chureca. It's literally hell on earth. The poverty is so intense that parents prostitute their daughters to dump-truck drivers in order to get first pick at the trash piles. We're raising money to help rescue these girls. Can you help by buying a shirt? ►

La Chureca is a 70 acre land-fill in Nicaragua. Families who live in this HELL ON EARTH are prostituting their daughters to dump-truck drivers in order to get first pick at heaping piles of trash. Learn How you can help by clicking here --->

Help little girls in Nicaragua flee a life of rape, prostitution, and disease ->

This tank gives back to a great cause! Check out Sevenly's featured collection of the week to see who we are helping now! #Sevenly

Cute women's v-neck. This shirt helps provide a mammogram (breast screening) to a poor woman; what a great Mothers Day gift! Fight breast #Cancer here --->

Check out all the new designs we have this week & help save young girls from sex trafficking in the U.S. with each purchase. #Sevenly

oh my gosh, this just breaks my heart... 100,000 girls in Moldova (Europe's poorest country) are trapped in forced prostitution. Every one of these shirts helps free them & restore their lives! --->

Women in India spend about 20 hours per week collecting water, often walking 7 miles a day...The journey is dangerous physically, and the water they fetch is hazardous to their health and to their children. A clean water well would solve this problem instantly, and this week you can help! Take Action HERE ➤

This intricate and unique design helps save the lives of dolphins in Japan and other parts of the world by protecting them from common practices that threaten the lives of these marine mammals daily. With each purchase, you are helping preserve these animals and ensure that generations to come will be able to enjoy sea life as we know it!

Sierra Leone broke out into a bloody civil war from 1991 to 2002 that left hundreds of thousands of people displaced, raped, mutilated, or killed. Despite many positive developments in Sierra Leone since then, the victims of the civil war still need assistance. This week, $7 of your purchase will provide prosthetics limbs and rehabilitation programs to give adults and children who have been maimed by machetes or explosive devices another chance! #Sevenly