Sugar Cube Rock Cycle and more science experiments

This is a great idea for those who have to display your standards for each lesson! daily objectives dry erase boards.

Starburst Rock Cycle

Learning about the Rock Cycle using Starburst candies. Love the simplicity, plus YUM.

3 types of rock- a science song - YouTube - 2-minute video of the types of rock put to song

Use the book "Only One You". This would be really cool as a school-wide project!

Looking to introduce your kids to more science? Try this super EASY & quick experiment!

The Rock Cycle...with a cute song to "We Will Rock You!"

Weathering Experiment: freeze water in Styrofoam cups. The cracks in the cup represents what happens to rock when water freezes and expands.

Next Generation Science Standards Made Simple (and Manageable!)

Static electricity: A fascinating science experiment for preschoolers

VERY cool lesson on how the 3 different types of rocks are formed! I wish I could pin the You Tube video with the chef demonstrating. Via: 2nd Grade Shenanigans: The ROCK Buffet

rock cycle

Modeling the Rock Cycle with Starbursts

~Bulletin Board.... I would add student writing on an index card with perhaps why they chose that cover to make it more student centered. Love the idea. *


Love this gummy bear lab for studying osmosis. And, if your curriculum doesn't include osmosis, it's just a great exploration of the scientific method!

Earth Science Interactive Notebook a short passage is included for every topic too! Interactive journal inserts and helpful vocabulary words are included as well. Topics include: the water cycle, water on Earth, the rock cycle, earthquakes and more. This is a fun way to learn about science. STEM and Common Core Next Generation Science Standards aligned $

Crayon Rock Cycle...Science of Rocks - learn how rocks cycle through its various forms: sedimentary, metamorphic and igneous through time!

A former middle school teacher's blog. All her activities look great--no fluff and lots of learning. The best science activities I've ever found on the internet.