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    Sugar Cube Rock Cycle and more science experiments

    Learning about the Rock Cycle using Starburst candies. Love the simplicity, plus YUM.

    Teach the rock cycle using jelly beans! Download the lesson materials and more here

    3 types of rock- a science song - YouTube - 2-minute video of the types of rock put to song

    Teach Junkie: Rocks for Kids - 15 Activities and Ideas - How to Make Edible Rocks {A Rock Buffet}

    Sedimentary Rocks Bars - Not only are these super easy (you could really make any kind of layered bar cookie that you like), they teach a great lesson about how sedimentary rocks are formed.

    Weathering, erosion, deposition Earth Science - Break, Move, Drop - TPR Rock Cycle Chant!

    All sorts of fun rock experiments and edible projects! MUST USE!

    Fun Science for kids-Pop Rock Eruptions! What could be cooler than colorful eruptions with sound?

    Demonstrating the rock cycle - sugar cube rock cycle, fudge rock cycle from All Things Beautiful

    Weathering Experiment: freeze water in Styrofoam cups. The cracks in the cup represents what happens to rock when water freezes and expands.

    Super fun lab provides a hands-on experience that explains the rock cycle. It just doens't getter any better than this. Perfect for the middle school science classroom.

    Crayon Rock Cycle Experiment |

    4 Engineering Challenges for Kids - with Cups, Craft Sticks, and Cubes

    Awesome rock activities with food!

    What Is the Rock Cycle? Video, chart & quiz. #free #lessons

    8 Science youtube channels for kids. My field placement teacher starts off class sometimes with really cool science videos. She has showed me helpful science ones, but I like the ones on here as well. Great ideas for focus parts of the lesson!

    Rockin Rocks! Great Rock centers to help make studying rocks understandable for young learners!

    Teaching weathering, erosion, and deposition

    water cycle science experiment

    E is for Explore!: Weathering Rock Experiment