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Carte de visite by Morse of Huntsville, Ala., and Nashville, Tenn. A slave or freedwoman sitting with her hands folded. Her hands say as much as her face. A 2x3-inch magnet featuring this carte de visite is available for purchase at Center Hall Cafe on CafePress.

A striking, deeply beautiful side profile of an elegant muse of an Edwardian young woman. #woman #vintage #Edwardian #beautiful #weekend #1910s #portraits

I think it's neat that she opted (or was asked to) include her umbrella in this studio portrait. #Victorian #woman #1800s #dress #portrait

This is a portrait of a young African American woman. The photograph was taken in 1899. So many of the pictures of African Americans from this era are in the context of sharecropping and other more unfortunate circumstances. While we don't have any other details on this photograph, it appears that this woman, and her family have done better than what was typical for African Americans of this time.

Four generations of Victorian women, circa 1880, share one portrait sitting. #Victorian #portrait #1800s #family