Pacific Breeze. This bluestreaked, vodka-spiked lemonade is popular on Pacific'O's torch-lit patio in Lahaina, Maui, just steps from the beach

Firecracker: 1¼ oz. vodka + 1 oz. lemon juice + 1 ¼ oz. blue curaçao + ¾ oz. grenadine + a splash of simple syrup

Aruba Arriba – 1 oz. white rum – 1 oz. vodka – 1/4-oz. banana liqueur – 3 oz. fruit punch – 1/4-oz. orange Curaçao liqueur Mix the rum, vodka, banana liqueur and fruit punch in a shaker and serve over ice, then top off with the orange Curaçao liqueur.

The Blue Lagoon Cocktail #recipe #vodka #lemon juice #soda water

Maybe with ginger ale? Vodka-Rose Punch Recipe | Rose syrup can be found in Indian markets and at specialty food stores. | Unsprayed Rose Petals, Chilled Club Soda, Rose Syrup, Mint Leaves, Vodka | Summer Cocktails, Cocktail Recipe, Mixology, Liquor, Alcoholic Beverage, Party Punch

Strawberry Vodka Lemonade

Summer drink. PRETTY

Midnight Blue Margarita ~ 1.5 oz tequila blanco, .5 oz blue curacao, .75 oz blueberry syrup*, .5 oz meyer lemon juice

Blackberry Gin Lemonade

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Blueberry Lemonade - celebrate the flavors of summer with this extraordinary lemonade with the antioxidant power of the mighty blueberries (and you can decide to have it with or without the rum). Step-by-step photos.

Vodka Spiked Blueberry Lemonade

Reindeer Tracks Martini...ok, here goes...rim glass with crushed chocolate cookie crumbs, in a shaker with ice..chocolate vodka, hazelnut liqueur, creme de cacao, splash of whipping cream..shake, pour in martini glass..cookie crumbs sprinkled on top...WOW!

10 Delicious Blue Curacao Cocktails

Love Potion ~ 1 oz. vodka 1 oz. amaretto 1 oz. peach liqueur 1 oz. fresh orange juice 1 oz. cranberry juice

My kind of drink!! Sonic Screwdriver, 11th Doctor edition • 1 oz Blue Curacao • 1 oz Vodka • 6 oz Orange juice Sonic Screwdriver, 10th Doctor edition • 1 oz Blue Curacao • 1 oz Citrus Vodka • Ginger ale

Sex in the Driveway (1oz Blue Curacao 1oz Peach Shcnapps 2oz Citrus vodka Fill with Sprite)

The Barbecue Wife's "ATX Barbecue Bloody Mary" Recipe — 6oz Barbecue Wife Bloody Mary Mix + 1 1/2 oz premium vodka + smoked beef rib + ice

Blue Frost ~ 1 part UV Blue Vodka 1 part raspberry sherbet 1 part lemon-lime soda