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Funny pictures about Puppy attack. Oh, and cool pics about Puppy attack. Also, Puppy attack photos.

Baby Mermaid Costume - Crochet Photo Props! Buy it or make it!

The 12 Cats Of The Zodiac - mine's Pisces, what's yours? Pisces Cats are very spiritual and intuitive. If you are a Pisces Cat, you are sensitive and prone to extremes of emotion - purry one minute and scratchy the next.

Moon moon strikes again!

Moon moon strikes again!

Funny pictures about Husky crossing the river. Oh, and cool pics about Husky crossing the river. Also, Husky crossing the river.

i don't always have mud on my paws but when i do i make sure to step on everything

Funny pictures about Dogs can be real jerks. Oh, and cool pics about Dogs can be real jerks. Also, Dogs can be real jerks.

Funny Animal Pictures With Captions

"I have no idea how it happened." The photo is funny but the problem is real. Dogs can suffocate trying to get food in the trash/recycling or can eat something poisonous.

...and this is why I have a little kid's swimming pool on my back porch...

Then We Can Fill it Up With My Tears!

Do You Want It Olympic-Sized? With a Waterfall? And a Slide? - One of my favorite things that puppies do. Mess or not, that stuff is so cute!

My dream.

My dream--a room full of Corgi puppies(or is that a nightmare?

Every. Morning.  source: http://kuln.es/xw4x

I am pretty sure I will freak out our Corgi when I just watch her sleep. The way Corgi's sleep is just too much and too much cuteness.