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    The Aquamarine Tiara of Princess Anne, Princess Royal #Royal #jewels

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    British crown jewels The Aquamarine Pineflower Tiara: Cartier is responsible for this gem and it features aquamarines set in a pine cone motif interspersed with rectangular stones. This piece originally belonged to the Queen Mother. It was an anniversary gift from her husband, King George VI. She gifted it to her granddaughter, Princess Anne. Anne had the gem altered at some point; she shortened it to make it easier to wear

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King Khalid Necklace also shares similar provenance with King Faisal Necklace as it was made by Harry Winston as well, in 1978. The Saudi King bought it a year later as a gift for the Queens upcoming official visit. The Queen has since worn it quite often, including for a film première in 1982, visit to France in 2004, and a visit to Malta in 2005.

King Faisal of Saudi Arabia Necklace Given to the Queen in 1967 by King Faisal of Saudi Arabia, the necklace is a fringe necklace in design and is set with brilliant and baguette diamonds. Made by Harry Winston, King Faisal bought the necklace and presented it to her on a state visit to the United Kingdom in 1967.


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This tiara was wedding gift to then Princess Elizabeth from her mother-in-law Princess Andrew of Greece and Denmark (born Princess Alice of Battenberg). The meander tiara is in the classical Greek ‘key pattern’ featuring a large brilliant cut diamond in the centre surrounded by a diamond wreath. The tiara also incorporates a central wreath of leaves and scrolls on either side. The Queen has never worn it in public and it was given to Princess Anne around 1972. Princess Anne has frequently worn t