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Paul Ryan, the New Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin, It’s Time To Have The ‘Denali’ Talk With Your Dumbass Daughter Bristol || Wonkette

More Fox news bizarreness. Did they really say this? Please someone tell me that they aren't truly this foolish....

How some girls look walkin into the club



Sarah Palin actually worked to get a fairly large number of books banned by her library including this one. Check out Snopes.com for the full story.

19 Examples Of Everyday Sexism . showing how pervasive sexism and objectification of women is in our society .

This is what a feminist looks like.

Paul Ryan, a true republican.

Paul Ryan #abortion

Yes, you still do.

"Much like the pro-lifers, I believe in protecting the child -- when she's being forced to have a baby at 14." -- Sarah Silverman

dimwit strikes again

Such a wise woman.

As tempting to believe that Palin said this, and it does seem on a par with other, ah, musings, statements made by the former governor, she didn't. this is apparently satire. Hard to tell nowadays.


The services that PP offer are so important to people with low incomes, no income or no insurance. How many lives have they saved?

Hormones and females

"Sealed Files"

"Republicans regularly demand that all welfare, food stamp & unemployment insurance recipients MUST BE drug tested.... How about WE demand that all gun owners and purchasers must be drug tested too!" A full Psych evaluation, too!