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    Paul "Lyin" Ryan, a true Koch pawn !!!

    yes, he actually can sink lower

    or women.. or blacks... or latinos... or immigrants... or sick people.... or poor people...middle class people... teachers... students who need financial aid...policeman... fireman... trash collectors........... no rights for you.

    GREEDY Paul Ryan

    Paul Ryan’s heartless idiocy: How to defeat GOP’s school lunch politics.When the Koch Boys find out that poor kids get a free meal you can rest assured they'll send in this worthless prick ,Paul Ryan, to screw them out of it !!!

    This smirking teabagger piece of shit has got to go. His guiding light, the works of Ayn Rand, have been adopted by the Church of Satan as their guiding template for the infernal bible. Does that tell you anything about the values of Paul Ryan? Can you connect those dots?

    oops Paul Ryan


    oh Mr. Ryan, what could POSSIBLY be the difference now? I think you've caused enough people to starve already.

    dumb ass

    They have convenient memories. Time to show them how well we remember. VOTE the LYING GOP OUT!

    Alan Grayson

    10 things you NEED TO KNOW about Paul Ryan & why voting has NEVER been more important! #cannabis #mmj #legalizeit

    Shit Onme and All Lyin

    Lying bigot.


    Official results of the one of the first elections Paul Ryan ever won. From his high school yearbook.

    Thanks, Paul. And who would be Hitlerish??? Let's paint a little mustache on this dude.

    Poor little rich kid - needs his ass kicked.


    Paul Ryan, the New Sarah Palin

    Same old, same old

    The devil?

    You should know this:::::::: GOP vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan co-sponsored, along with Todd Akin, a bill called “No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act,” a bill which, among other things, introduced the country to this bizarre term “forcible rape,” as if there is some other form of rape?"