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    L4R Lamala :: Midwest


    Energized by Davandra Cribbie. "This was one of the sets of horses pulling weights during a competition. The darker grey was full of energy that he kept on rearing during each pull. "


    Bentley - Percheron


    Arabian stallion R Khasper - DNA tested dominant white (W3 mutation)

    dales ponies - Bing Images

    Norwegian fjord horses

    Pearl: Homozygous Pearl Iberian horse: prlprl. Pearl is a recessive gene, unlike most other color genes. PRLPRL gives us no pearl. PRLprl is heterozygous pearl: no effect, possible lightening of red, but paired with one copy of the cream gene it gives us a pseudo-double dilute. prlprl with nothing else gives us homozygous pearl, and turns red "apricot" and black horses look similar to amber champagnes. Their eyes are amber or green, and their skin is a pale pinkish-grey.

    Ciclon VIII

    Belgian Draft horse and cat






    Monarch Park Cimarron is a sabino and rabicano purebred Arabian stallion with extreme markings.

    Dapple grey Percheron stallion - draft horse





    1/4 appaloosa, 3/4 friesian

    my horse....proud and tall, if I only could be that kid again