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Stuart Reardon



Roo Hamer by Broosk Saib (2014)

oh hello suave

Okay he's got my attention. This look is yummy. Always fall for guys with this look. They never disappoint either. They are the moody, nobody understands me, go against society look. Works for me.

beach boy - If there ever was a "my type" -- Carrie's, this is it!!! I love blonde, blue eyed, surfer types of guys!! He is sooooooo cute!!!!


Deepak Kataria (2010?)

Nick Bateman

Nick Bateman


the look hot


Nick Bateman

“Casual” can come in all forms. What’s your take?

Daaaaaammnn! Hahahaha this is awesome

Mike Thurston as Rhage

Nick Bateman

Nick Bateman

Nick Bateman