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<3 Jojo's Circus <3 I've always liked clowns. I don't understand how anyone can be afraid of them! :')<3

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The Best Educational TV Shows Of Your Childhood

Best TV show ever!!

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Stanley (character)

I remember this show!! :)

Dragon Tales, Dragon Tales It's almost time for Dragon Tales. Come along, take my hand, Let's all go to Dragon Land

Maggie and the Ferocious Beast || I only watched this a lot as a kid OH MY GOSH I REMEMBER THIS SHOW thank you to pintrest for never letting me forget my childhood.

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50 Pictures That Perfectly Sum Up Your Childhood

Reading (and touching) this book: | 50 Pictures That Perfectly Sum Up Your Childhood

I've decided that I want a shiny lacqured painting of the layered heart from the powerpuff girls show endcap. It's so vibrant! and also 80s! love this style.

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Some of my favorite old Disney Channel shows

<3 That's so Raven <3 "It's the future I can seeee!" I think we all know how awesome this show was. :')<3


375 Reasons Why Being a '90s Girl Rocked Our Jellies Off

The Land Before Time - again the best cartoons come from the |

THE BIG COMFY COUCH! Yeah, that's my childhood there. i was always so curious about how she got her legs around the clock

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The Definitive Ranking Of "Zoom" Cast Member Introductions

C'mon and zoom! I learned the coolest activities from this show.

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loved this show :)

My grandma had this Cootie game, plus Don't Break the Ice and Don't Spill the Beans at her house for when we came to visit. I never actually knew how to play this game, but I thought the cooties were super cute :)

oswald :) my all time favorite show as a kid... Besides Maggie and the ferocious beast(: