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  • Lisette Knight

    This makes me smile

  • Tristana McColm

    In a busy train station one cold morning, Rob and a crew of 4 other workers are stationed in an attempt to brighten others' day. "Rob wants to give you a high five." A humorous and clean idea some may put in the category of "flash-mob."- awesome!

  • Kacee Jensen

    Rob wants to give you a high five hahahah so funny!

  • Jennifer Jamieson

    Bucket list! I want to do something pointless like this that'll make people laugh :)

  • Elizabeth Horton

    This is the group Improv Everywhere. They are fantastic. Look them up. They do stuff like this all the time. They went to a New York City Court House and found a couple that had just gotten married and threw them a surprised wedding reception in a park. Yeah, just normal people doing good things for other people because they can.

  • Emma Prosser

    .... brighten peoples day in a gloomy world

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