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Nonfiction Text Features Poster

Nonfiction text features

The Inspired Classroom: Non-Fiction Insert for Reading Journals

Non-Fiction Features Pack! This pack will help you tremendously in helping your students successfully read nonfiction. $

Nonfiction Genres!

Help your students understand the difference between Text to Text, Text to Self, Text to World, and Text to Media. This is a great anchor chart to display in your classroom.

Ok...I have to admit it...I am a sucker for informational text. Maybe it's the geeky want-to-know-it-all side of me, but when I found out that Common Core upped the percentage of informational text to 50% (compared to 50% fiction), I did a silent cheer! Informational Text Structures is really fun...

Responding to non-fiction text

Dyslexia at Work Poster – Dyslexic Advantage Store

Anchor Chart: How do readers get ready to read nonfiction? Blog post from Creating Readers and Writers: Spring Cleaning

Inference anchor chart

Author's Purpose anchor chart (picture only) I love how each genre is listed beside the purpose.

REALLY GOOD Writing anchor charts

quotation anchor chart

Guided Reading Nonfiction Text Feature FREEBIE!

Teaching Theme: Anchor Chart

Non fiction text features


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cause and effect anchor chart