Clothespin angel ornament from dollar store stuff

Clothespin angels.

Homemade angel ornaments

Make an adorable Angel Christmas Ornament using a clothespin and a coffee filter. So simple! This took less than 10 minutes to create.

A pretty tulle angel using tulle ribbon for the body and wired edge ribbon for the wings

cute diy snowman candy bowl (looks like a fluted vase - you can get those at the dollar store)

Angel Christmas Ornament

Handmade Angel Christmas Ornaments, Clothespin Angels

Snowy Crystal ornaments. Cover a glass ornament in glue and roll it in epsom salt. So easy!

Cute and easy: angel ornament from christmas bulb

Christmas: Homemade Clothespin Angel Ornments.

Angel ornaments

Angels and more angels! #Christmas #angels #ornaments #feathers #crafts #DIY

Kid Craft: Clothespin Angel Ornament

#papercraft #christmas #angels - could make with scrap paper too. simple stick craft.

Clothespin people

angel made from wine bottle cork

Paper Strips Angel Ornament

clay pot ornaments

Christmas Kids Craft: Paper Plate Angel