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Druzhba Holiday Center Hall, Yalta, Ukraine

Frank Lloyd Wright, Samuel-Novarro House, Los Angeles, California, 1920

Grand Lisboa (Macao) - 261 Metros.

VM Apartments In Copenhagen The idea is that "The blocks are formed as such to allow for daylight, privacy and views. The vis-à-vis with the neighbour is eliminated by pushing the slab in its centre, ensuring diagonal views to the vast and open, surrounding fields. All apartments have a double-height space to the north and wide panoramic views to the south."

Xiamen Eton Center North Tower, Xiamen, China designed by NBBJ Architects :: 51 floors, height 229m

World Financial Center - Shanghai, China

Haiya Business Center, Kunming, China :: 98 floors, height 428m, proposal

Floating Castle (Ukraine)

Love the Frank Lloyd Wright Style on this house. The water adds a great dimension the the already incredible architecture seen here. Look at this house, it is so beautiful, the rill seems come out of the house. the color of the house similar to the color of the trees. makes it becomes one part of the the forest.

Abandoned Russian Gangster’s Tallest Wooden Building in the World This bizarre 13 floor building belonged to a Russian gangster, Nikolai Sutyagin, who went to prison on racketeering charges in 1998 before he could complete his dream home. When he was released, he was penniless and lived for several years in a few poorly heated rooms at the bottom of his crumbling wooden mansion with his wife)

Zaha hadid

Antilla,Mumbai (India)

Hanging Garden Tower, NYC

Phare Tower in Paris by Morphosis Architects :: 71 floors, height 300m

Eco Tower by Pavlo Kryvozub

Guiyang Financial Center, Guiyang, China :: 76 floors, height 400m

Dubai Opera House by Zaha Hadid

House of Silence / FORM - Kouichi Kimura Architects

The Dancing House / Dancing Building / Ginger & Fred, Prague

Garcia House by John Lautner Also known as the Rainbow House, it was built in 1964 for jazz legend Russ Garcia.

Excellence Houhai Financial Center, Shenzhen, China by Miralles Tagliabue EMBT Architects :: 46 floors, height 201m