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Yardley frosted liptick - Used to try on my mom's right after "The Girl From U.N.C.L.E.

Yes, yes, yes... I had a few pots before they went away. i can still imagine my lip brush, but if really stuck, you just used a finger! thae fragrance was absolutely yummy! Yardley Pot o'Gloss

1972 - yes, I was too young to wear lipstick. But I wanted to be a Yardley girl when I grew up!

Lipstick Ad, The London Look by Yardley 1966. "Slicker under, Slicker over, Slicker alone."

Yardley Pot o' Gloss. 1972.-first makeup I was allowed to

Yardley Oh de London. I loved this scent in the late 1960's

Yardley of London was the most popular brand of cosmetics!

photos of the 60's | Buttercup Bungalow: Yardley Ads of the 60's and 70's

This was based on the success of Julie Christie's performance in Far From the Madding Crowd.