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Backpacker Fitness & Nutrition for Hiking (Paperback)

A new title in FalconGuides' partnership with Backpacker magazine that explores what it takes to get in shape in order to tackle a variety of different hiking trails. Including information about fitne

What to Pack: Day Hiking Printable Checklist

Hiking for the day? Be sure to check off this day hiking printable checklist before you go outdoors to make sure you bring all of the essentials!

11 things I wish I’d known before hiking the Appalachian Trail

When I say "rain-test your gear," I mean go to your local YMCA, set up your tent in the locker room, turn every shower head toward it, and play solitaire inside for an hour.

Dollar Store Camping Gear

A great list of camping gear you can buy at the dollar store!! It's so much cheaper for something you only use a few times a year. There are some great ideas in here.

We see people on trails all the time carrying nothing but a small water bottle. Did you know there are actually ten essentials for survival that you are expected to carry in the backcountry? These essentials are supposed to apply even for short day hikes.

5 Tips for Hiking in the Rain: How to Stay Dry & Comfortable

How to Prevent Blisters When Hiking and Backpacking