Echi, a well known Korean illustrator

Beautiful artwork by Auroreblackcat at Deviant Art


Rosie Butcher Illustration

McGrath illustr.

Korean Echi Illustration

Dream of Echi - Echi Illustrations (Vol.02) - Elegant Echi Girl - Beautiful Echi Illustration Wallpaper 10

Mila Marquis


Korean Echi Illustration

Marie Desbons: chaussettes2 #cute #illustration #girl


sybile art

Ah~! It has such a hime quality about it! I mean, it even has he hime cut. Japanese time

Bambi wallpaper

Fun exercise to practice illustration! Awesome idea, find photos you like from magazines then create an illustrated version.

Abigail Halpin - Illustration


Ills. Stephen Mackey - Elfen & Boeken

"I'd thought that nothing and nobody was free in Portland, but I was wrong. There were always the birds" Lauren Oliver, Delirium (Great book!) basically, the picture is cool. ;)