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Harry Potter The Marauders 11 x 17 by AndromedousPrint on Etsy, $15.00

But I LIKE Martin Freeman!! -Sigh- I cannot, however, deny the awesomeness that is this casting of the Marauders!

The Marauders - great scott, yes.

The Marauders by ~Chidori-aka-Kate on deviantART

I didn't cry at all. Okay, maaaybe just a littte bit. Fine! I teared up... OKAY, I'M CRYING MY FREAKIN' EYES OF!!! <--- It's okay, previous pinner. It's going to be alright. *starts sobbing with them* <---- *collective wailing*

Can this please happen? I would give anything for this to happen. This happening would make me the happiest person on earth. Pretty please with a cherry on top, somebody make this happen!

Marauders- perfectly clear by chirart.deviantar.... Poor Lupin.

usually not into cartooning, but this is super good and can lead you to a link filled with even more amazing ones!:) also its hilarious!

The marauders - I do realize there's only three of the four on here.... but I am glad Wormtail's not on this one.