VIntage 1950\'s Superwhirl Hand Mixer\ Egg by LilytheDogVintage

C'est chaud!

Meat grinder. Clamped to the table.

Vintage Glass Juicers These are called "reamers".

Rotary Mixer - we called it an "egg beater" but always used a fork to beat eggs.


1950's utensils

Vintage doll carriage

Le vieux hachoir pour faire les pâtés

Dr. Scholl's 'Original' Sandal | Nordstrom

I would label EVERYTHING in the house!

Loved digging in my moms jewelry box.

vintage 1960 tricycle

Formica tables & vinyl chairs.

I remember using this at school. They rarely worked and basically just ate your pencil

Vintage Samsonite train mom-in-law used hers as a make up case. It was her "Ditty Bag"

I remember rolling around on it, my kids did too. Who didn't roll on them?!!!

tupperware toys : )

Vintage GE portable electric hair dryer. Huge cap that filled with HOT air! UGH. I spent many an hour under this "torture devise". :o)

Crane Scissors - Moorea Seal

Gypsy Tops!