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Long skirted 1940s cheerleader outfits, girls, females, photo, black and white, history, cheerfull.

This is exactly like the vintage mixer my mama bought the year I was born/. It still had the original large bowl and she still used it. Sadly I don't have it, but I have one like it that every time I look at it I smile as it brings back a memory of mama making a pie or mashed potatoes. ♥

Vintage telephone, from the 50s before that there was no curly cord. Just cord like on an iron.

Decisions, decisions...yummy vintage cake mix decisions, that is! Pillsbury advertisement

1940's vintage pyrex.... i still have my mama's... all but the small blue one. i don't even remember having it around when i was little.

Holiday Inn. I miss that familiar sign. Their new one is just not as welcoming.

Ovaltine : un mélange de poudre de céréales qui ne goûtait vraiment pas bon mais qui remplaçait le chocolat chaud qui contenait de la caféine et aurait pu nous empêcher de dormir c'est plutôt l'Ovaltine au goût douteux qui faisait le travail Wark !!!

1950 ad - This would perfectly match my kitchen counters, same 50's color and style!