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  • Kel Purcill

    "That sounds like something out of science fiction!" "You live in a spaceship, dear." "So?" I love Wash!

  • Cat H.

    Firefly quote

  • Timothy Artus

    "That sounds like something out of science fiction!" Oh, how I love Wash!! #firefly

  • Heather Urbanski

    "That sounds like something out of science fiction!"--the Joss Whedon meta-moment

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How to have fun in space....although this is fun anywhere.

I love how Zoe in the last panel is just facepalming like "God, I'm so tired of all these shenanigans."

This is what I now say when Whedon kills someone. Wash shouldn't be playing with dinosaurs, he should be playing with Spike and Penny dolls. ~MJ

I shouldn't need to tell anybody on this board where this phrase comes from. Firefly/Serenity

Personally one of my favorite scenes. I love how perfectly it shows the personalities of the two during the war and how little they've changed in little things like fighting their enemies. Zoe is cool and calm, ready for a sneak attack while Mal is all for charging out guns blazing =]

"I'm a leaf on the wind, watch how I soar." - Wash, Serenity. This is who I got when I took the "Firefly Which Character Are You?" I wish I could soar more.....

Sometimes you just need a little manly reassurance. Or just an awesome friend who'll make you laugh. Which ever.