Zoo Passport Printables with pictures of animals ready to check off/star at your next zoo visit

Passport to Summer. Make your kids a passport and put a stamp in it for each activity you do over the summer.

Summer schedule.

I think this is the best list I've seen yet.

This is a FABULOUS list of things to do with kids in the DFW area!!

Portable Activity Kit for Little Travellers | Mama Papa Bubba

AWESOMENESS!!! Tooth Fairy Receipt

How to keep a child busy for hours in the summer: DIY: Giant Ice Cube Awesomeness - filled with plastic animals, dinos, and such. Added to the list !!!!

Great Idea!!! I've witnessed a lot of kids that don't value their possessions. This is a good way to teach a child to take care of what is theirs and be responsible for their messes.

gorgeous zoo scavenger hunt printable

Such a creative list of summer activities! "Laminate some articles you've been wanting to read, turn on the sprinkler, and lounge in the sun while your kids play and get wet"

FREE printable playdough mats! This would make the BEST birthday or Christmas present for any little kid! Just pair it with homemade or boughten play dough.

Welcome the kids home from their last day of school with summer treats.

Treat box for traveling. one per kid, no refills. Tackle box....love this idea!

Some fun ideas

Fishing for magnetic letters in the bath tub.....what fun! Great rainy day activity!

How to Create Busy Boxes for #Kids - Perfect for #summer

Scavenger hunts for kids

First day of school picture printables

Magnetic Cups - no more using 50 cups a day for drinks of water. great for kids

Love the idea, as a mother of a almost 19yr. old and having a 3yr. & 4yr. I can really see the importance of doing this!