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    • Sharon Heimbecker

      Ok, maybe not an animal but really adorable!! - Pygmy seahorse in camouflage on a sea fan, Borneo, Malaysia. Photo by Vickie Coker, via : The pygmy seahore is less than an inch long and can camouflage itself by changing the color of its skin to match its surroundings.

    • Ellie Rowsell

      PYGMY SEAHORSE (hippocampus bargibanti) ©Vickie Coker, Austin, Texas) The pygmy seahorse evolved its knobby body and rosy color to blend in with gorgonians (sea fans) of the genus Muricella, where the seahorse makes its home among the coral reefs of the Western Pacific. These fish are so tiny (only two centimeters in height) and so well camouflaged that they weren’t discovered until someone had collected the host gorgonian and placed it into an aquarium and then noticed little seahorses. This

    • Debra Bostwick Oliver

      I don't know how anyone can look at a newborn infant, the ocean, and animals in their natural habitat and not believe in God! This is a PYGMY SEAHORSE- . they are less than an inch long and have an INCREDIBLE ABILITY TO CAMOUFLAGE THEMSELVES. Captured on film, in camouflage, on a sea fan, Borneo, Malaysia, by Vickie Coker.

    • Nancy Lena

      Beautiful Sea Animals | Beautiful sea creatures

    • Stephane Prud'homme

      Pygmy Sea Horse on Lobster Wall at Sipadan Water Village in Borneo, Malaysia. The animal is only about 1/2" tall and lives on sea fans. The texture of their bodies mimics the texture of the sea fan, making it nearly impossible to see them with the naked eye!

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