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Love' Baby Soft perfume

Vintage Avon Perfume Bottle

Love's Baby Soft

Love's Baby Soft...every Christmas...

Love's Baby Soft

This and Baby Soft...

"On the theory that softness is what boys find most exciting about girls." Her shirt: "I'm Baby Soft."

Loves Baby Soft Perfume!

Avon Sweet Honesty---this and Love's Baby Soft were most teenage girls' perfume of choice the 1970s, at least among the girls I knew.. (I loved and had them both.)

This was the first in a line of very popular baby dolls by Mattel (marked 1969, but first marketed in 1970) called "Baby Tender Love". As a sophomore in high school I begged for her for Christmas. She was the last baby doll I received. I've saved her all these years and she's still soft and lovable.

Trimble's Practical Safety Crib, The Kiddie-Koop. A jail for babies, with time off for good behavior.


Perfume...Remember these?

Sweet Earth solid perfumes

Baby cage Illustration from 1923 Popular Science Monthly.

Baby aspirins ... call me weird, I actually LIKED them!

Just realizing that I had this when I was a little girl. Crazy subliminal thing going on with this and my doll faces... Avon 1970 Small World Girl Perfume Compact Pin.

Vintage plastic baby hangers.

Vintage 1975 Scarecrow Avon Perfume Pin good condition

1970s baby dolls | Mattel Baby Beans Doll

flower rattle ..my kids had this!!