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think positively, exercise daily, eat healthy, work hard, stay strong, worry less, dance more, love often, be happy

Sharespiration #6 – You can do anything

Wii Fit Plus has step by step yoga, that uses the balance board to keep you in perfect position. :)

Operate from a perspective of conscious balance and the inner ability to rebalance as needed.

Great way to motivate yourself to be healthy and fit. Page dedicated to all fit people and dieters of pinterest.

22 Best Exercises for a Perfect Butt! Front Lunges  Side Lunges  Back Lunges Squats Running Leg Lift Step Aerobics Ballet Hurdles Scissor Kicks Forward Bends and Kicks Single Leg Lift Standing Diagonal Kicks Elliptical Machine Stair Stepper Single-Leg Squat Simple Bridge (aka Butt Bridges) Plank Bounce - Trampoline Biking Yoga Buttock Pinches

Inspirational Quotes Balance | Inspirational Quote: If Im Losing Balance... | Yoga Relief Tips For ...

Sharespiration #1 - Follow how you feel

Finding my balance. One day at a time. I know better than some that tomorrow isn't promised. And I am not chasing anyone down who doesn't accept me with all of my mistakes.

Ah the Chakras. The "gateway drug" of the energy body. Mysterious and wonderful and brilliant.

Ispiration – Enjoy living in your body It's true! Love what you have.