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OMG! Dexter cake!!!! Alice McElwee, I know you want this, too.

Dexter's good, sure ... but he's no sweet transvestite from Transsexual Transylvaaaannniiiiaaa

I know Deb got on everyone's nerves for a while, but what should we have expected from someone in her position? #Dexter

!!! I had this shirt... wish I could find it again. I had this shirt when I had never watched dexter.. Never understood the true meaning of Power Saw to the people until now.. :o

I don't know that it's so much a craft.... but I'd like to make it!

I guess this is what happens when Freddy tries to cut the cake

Probs my future wedding cake, or at least graduation cake..Caitlin Ignasiak, you agree?

My devil danced with his demon and the fiddler's tune is far from over. #Dexter

G'Mae, thou shalt no covet thy neighbor's husband, thou shalt not steal, thou shalt not commit good Christian, you.