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  • Rachael H

    Disney characters in other Disney movies! Mind blown.

  • Ana Fletcher

    I love Disney movie easter eggs.

  • Melissa Hawes

    Hidden Disney Fun! i love this stuff.

  • Danica

    May need to watch these Disney movies and find these! #mindblown

  • Soph k

    Hidden Disney characters in other Disney movies. THIS is the only reason i love disney. Their old movies

  • Carly Smith

    Hidden Disney Characters.. I love Disney secrets.

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I would just like to apologize to my future children because it is more than likely that I will be this mom.

Mind blown! It makes perfect sense Beauty and the Beast- 1991 Aladdin- 1992

It seems only fitting that the Disney princess I identified with the most was done by someone with my name

"When people really didn't think the Frozen horses are real and equestrians are over here in disbelief."

This would be amazing... "Tangled" was originally supposed to look like an oil painting come to life. I love that movie, but it still upsets me to know that it could have been something so unique.

Awwwww Disney Princesses Kitty! How Adorable!

Lilo & Stitch isn't my fave movie, but this is a very valid point about Nani. She is pretty awesome!

Disney Princess Cosplay

Disney Happily Ever After. Repinning this for you Cali!! Is it just me or does Hercules's kids face look really weird?

I just couldn't resist this....I love Disneyworld! ..... Florida - the Magic Kingdom at Disney World