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*updated 6/25 with editable postersI do use hand signals to keep me happy! Blurting is one of my top pet peeves with little ones. My first year, ...

Hand Signal - Classroom Management. I really like this management style! Great way to stop classroom interruptions.

hand signal signs. I really like this idea, must teach on FIRST day of school!

View a video of this product on my Teacher TV Channel:HAND SIGNALS IN THE CLASSROOMThis kit includes:-an overview of the system-5 printab...

Hand Signals -No more interruptions during guided reading! Available in English by Alma Almazan

Classroom hand signals poster! Prevents interruptions! This is so smart, you could just nod to let them know it was okay to go what they needed to do and never stop teaching

K-4 - Capitalize with MINTS - ELACCKL2a: Capitalize the first word in a sentence and the pronoun I. ELACC1L2a: Capitalize dates and names of people. ELACC2L2a: Capitalize holidays, product names, and geographic names. ELACC3L2a: Capitalize appropriate words in titles. ELACC4L2a: Use correct capitalization.

Hand signals for different needs. If students want to ask a question, just raise all 5 fingers like normal.

Sharons-Shop Shop - | Teachers Notebook

Dismissal Checklist - I love this! Maybe give a few more minutes - I love the last item on the list!